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  1. Hi, thanks so much for picking up this series! I was wondering if you knew that certain stories have also been published under Uruwashi no Eikoku Series and seem to be scanlated by a different team? It seems there’s some overlap in the stories.

    Super happy to see something from this manga-ka picked up and thank you so much for all your hard work!!

    1. Hi, yes, we know that. We already translated and cleaned all the chapters when we found out another team already worked on Uruwashi no Eikoku series, so we are now proofreading and typesetting the chapters which we translated and cleaned as Nekowa Himitsuno Bashoni iru. Thank you for your kind words, we are also going to work on Megamisama to Watashi and Hime no Koiwazurai which is by the same author, Akiko Hatsu.

      1. Aaahh that’s awesome thank you so much! Super excited to read this author’s other works!!

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