Ongoing manga

Ai wa Dokoda by HASHIBA Maki

Genre: Shounen ai, romance

Yoshifumi has been fiercely protected by Kou ever since he was a baby. Kou works at an office in the city, while Yoshifumi has graduated from his university and has come back to his parent’s house. Yoshifumi is the next head of the Sakaki household and even towers over Kou, but to Kou, he’s still the small Yoshifumi he swore to always protect. The Sakaki household plan to make Yoshifumi go to a matchmaking party with Kou and marry him off. But Kou is surprised to discover that Yoshifumi likes somebody…?!

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Blossom days by Taeyang

Genre: School life, slice of life, drama, psychological

Ji Won is a new Korean literature teacher. High school student Sanha has been her neighbor for many years. To a student, school is his life. But to a teacher, school is just a workplace. They thought that not much would change, but reality begs to differ…

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Channel wa Sonomama! by SASAKI Noriko

Genre: Josei, comedy, drama, slice of life

Yukimaru Hanako is leaving her family in Eniwa, Hokkaido, to go live in the big city of Sapporo and work with the HHTV news team. Hanako has bumbled her way goodnaturedly through the hiring process, which included a written test, an interview, and a presentation. One of the other new hires at HHTV, the stern, professional Yamane Hajime, has watched her in disbelief, infuriated that she seems to have so much success without taking anything seriously. After her first broadcast at HHTV, which could be seen as either very entertaining or a horrible disgrace, everyone’s attention is focused on Hanako. Will she surprise everyone by succeeding in her new career or will she fail spectacularly?

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Don Dracula by TEZUKA Osamu

Genre: Shounen, comedy, horror, fantasy

After living in Transylvania for several years, “Earl Dracula” (as Osamu Tezuka’s official website calls him in English) has moved to Japan. In the Nerima Ward of Tokyo, he and his daughter, Chocola, and faithful servant Igor continue to live in the castle.

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Gengetsurou Kitan by Ima Ichiko

Genre: Comedy, mystery, supernatural, historical, Shounen-ai

Shouichirou Tsurugi is the master of an well-established, upscale miso shop. He’s a noted “prodigal son” and an eccentric “Jack of all trades, master of none.” He’s also the patron of a suspicious male geisha, Yosaburou, who will do anything for money and has no talent, except for telling ghost stories. It may or may not be true that the young master is making amorous advances toward Yosaburou! Every night, the parlor of a restaurant in the red light district called Ghost Moon Tower showcases mysterious tales that interweave “strange things” and people’s other desires.

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Gin no Spoon by OZAWA Mari

Genre: Josei, slice of life, drama

Ritsu is a third year high school student who’s preparing for his university entrance exams. He lives together with his younger brother, Shirabe, his younger sister, Kanade, and his mother who had continued to bring them up in warmth even after his father passed away. One day, they found out that their mother is sick and now, while their mother is hospitalised, Ritsu takes her place in the kitchen for the first time…

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Honya no Mori no Akari by ISOYA Yuki

Genre: Josei, romance, slice of life

Akari, who loves books, moves to Tokyo to go work at the head office of a bookstore. There she meets the assistant manager Terayama Morizou, who loves books more than people. Up ’til now Akari hasn’t worked at such a large store yet so she feels a lot of pressure, but at the same time she realizes she really loves her job. This manga depicts the struggles she experiences at work as well as in her personal life.

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Kaguyahime by SHIMIZU Reiko

Genre: Shoujo, drama, gender bender, horror, mystery, romance, sci-fi

On Kabuchi-jima, an island ruled by Princess Kaguya, ten children were raised as sacrificial victims. Several of the children thought they had escaped their fate when they escaped the island. But nearly a decade later, the kids are still dying in the order and at the time they would have as sacrifices… Their only hope now is to reunite and return to the island to seek out and destroy the source–the legend, the blood-lusting Moon Princess–before time runs out.

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Karubania Monogatari by TONO

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, romance, slice of life

Eque is a popular, beautiful crossdressing woman and Tania is a playful queen. This is their unique and interesting royal comedy. Tales of ambition, dark plans, the secrets of royalty and ghosts. Plus love, misunderstanding and the pride of a woman are involved?!

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Oukoku no ko by Bikke

Genre: Josei, mystery, gender bender, historical, tragedy, drama

One country’s cruel custom: “leading the life of a stand-in” Away from the center of the city in a theater, an actor, a boy called Robert, is asked to become the stand-in of Elisabeth who has the right of succeeding to the throne. “I will definitely survive and come back-”. Is Robert to be swallowed by the things to come as the wheel of fortune starts to spin?

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Peony Elegy: No return by Intorno

Genre: Josei, historical, psychological, drama, tragedy, romance

Prequel of Peony Elegy: Frost flower. ( A tale of cruel revenge in the heart of the Imperial Palace. This is the story of a court concubine, Longhee, who spent numerous years within the high walls of the Inner Palace, and of her son, Woon, the First Imperial Prince. It follows their lives as they struggle to survive and guard one another against the treachery that lurks in the darkness of the Imperial Harem.

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Please Do Errands Instead of Me! by Go Ara

Genre: Shoujo, supernatural, comedy, drama, slice of life, romance, fantasy

There is a village called Yi Yang Ri where there are demons, love, and secrets. Eunho, who grew up there, became twenty years old just as the goblin who was asleep for twenty years had also woken up. Someone told her that there is something she must do to protect her precious friend…An emotional fantasy where human relationships grow stronger!

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Self by SAKU Yukizo

Genre: Seinen, adult, harem, comedy, romance

Youichi is a very serious, stoic young man with a girlfriend and a regular sex life. However, he has never experienced sexual self-gratification.
Recently, he’s become aware of a book called “Masturbation” at the library he works at — an educated discourse into the history of the sin of Onan and related practices. Finding himself increasingly intrigued by the concepts within, he begins to conduct a series of experiments… Join him as he embarks into a whole new world.

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Star’s last wish by Hoo Eun

Genre: Josei, adventure, drama, comedy, fantasy

Star, a mysterious, naïve child, searches for Garion, an alleged miracle-maker who is said to live in a lone apple tree, so that he can keep his best friend Miru, a seasonal flower, from withering in the coming winter.

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Though I didn’t prepare much by SimMoram

The table of a manhwa artist who doesn’t prepare a meal with hard work, but people keep staring at it.

Genre: Food, drama, comedy, slice of life

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To the Alien I Love by Gyanga

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, romance, supernatural, drama

A cool girlfriend! But she’s suddenly telling him that she’s an alien?! Kay, the alien girlfriend, is looking for her creator’s first love! Can YeonWoo find her in the huge land of Korea?

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Trap hole by Nemu Youko

Genre: Josei, romance, comedy, drama, slice of life

Twenty-nine-year-old Haruko’s world collapses when her fiance suddenly tells her he’s leaving her. Although encouraged by family and friends, who are kindly consoling, she still feels suffocated. Sensing her need to get away, Asano, a classmate in Tokyo suggests that she “Come to Tokyo!” Life for Haruko, who had hit rock-bottom, is about to restart!

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Uryuudou Yumebanashi by HATSU Akiko

Genre: Josei, drama, historical, mystery, supernatural

This manga tells the stories of an antique store that is run by an elderly man and his grandson. The grandson watches the store while his grandfather is out, and it seems like the most interesting customers come by during these times. The grandson has the ability to perceive the supernatural, and his customers often end up being entwined with the stories of different antiques in the store.

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Your perfume by Ho Woo

Genre: Drama, Slice of life

What if you could return to a moment in your memories that can be recalled by a scent? This is the story of a perfumer, who goes by the name J, and the people who are tranced by the perfumes J makes in which the extract of a fragrance is reminiscent of their nostalgia.

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