Completed Manga

& by OKAZAKI Mari

Genre: Josei, drama, Mature, romance, slice of life

Aoki Kaoru is a 26-year-old woman who has never had a boyfriend. Normally unattached and unmotivated in her own life, Kaoru decides to start up a nail salon as a side business in addition to her regular job as a medical dispatcher. Although having a severe aversion to physical touch, she is forced to confront that fear when she meets a man who can´t help but touch others.

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34-sai Mushoku-san by Ikeda Takashi

Genre: Seinen, comedy, drama, slice of life

They say that the prime of one’s career happens in their mid-thirties. During that time, women plan many things and tell themselves, “I won’t let this year go by without doing anything!”
And then, a 34 year-old’s life begins.
Hearing a new vacuum cleaner hum in the night shifts her moods as the Galactic Railroad runs in her mind…
Shall we take a look at an unemployed’s slow, laid-back daily life?

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9 Banme no Musashi by TAKAHASHI Miyuki

Genre: Shoujo, action, adventure, drama, gender bender, romance, slice of life

Exotic. Smart. Lethal. Musashi #9 doesn’t live the life of a normal teenager. Her’s is full of intrigue, violence, and death. Some people want to change the world. This sixteen-year-old girl can. Deep ideological, religious, and social differences drive the world closer to destruction, and the innocent masses suffer while politicians huddle in safety. One ultra-secret organization is committed to preserving world peace, and their top agent goes by the code name Musashi #9. This agent battles terrorists and extremists, while bringing hope to the people she saves. The world may be a dangerous place, but it’s a whole lot safer with Musashi #9 in it.

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Abide in the wind by Shin Weol

Genre: Shounen, action, adventure, fantasy, drama, romance

Reana lives peacefully in a small town deep in the province of the Earthside Kingdom. She has a loving father, an interesting job and the childlike trust in the people around her… But everything changes after she encounters a dying dragon. He is the last one of his kind and possesses the power which can shake the world – what a great titbit for others! And so Reana is thrown into turmoil, into the desperate search for answers – while the hunt after her begins.

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The password is lifetimes

Ai Koso Subete by Kinoshita Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Ritsu first comes to know Katagiri as a customer of the flower shop he works at. Their relationship begins to change when he finds Katagiri dejected over a failed romance and comforts him.

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Alice to Amaryllis by OZAWA Mari

Genre: Josei, slice of life, drama, romance

Alice Kinari, a girl just in primary school, seems to have a picture-perfect family. Her dad’s a hard worker, and her mom still has her gorgeous looks. All of that changes when an unexpected visitor appears, having Alice and her mom clasping each other’s hands in a grueling situation.

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Alpha by Bugyeum

Genre: Action, Seinen, Sci-fi, tragedy

The emotionless agent Alpha was given a secret mission.

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Amber by Yuno

Genre: Josei, drama, fantasy, mystery, romance, supernatural

The woman who tells the story with a beautiful voice and the girl who writes it down with beautiful handwriting. The stories which are as mysterious as a fairy tale and as cruel as reality are created by the two of them.

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Anata to Scandal by SHIINA Ayumi

Genre: Shoujo, romance, Shoujo ai

Takasaki Tomoka is a young girl seeking love. She had finally found her prince and slowly began to think of a way to speak to him. Tomoka met up with her childhood classmate from piano lessons, Miyazawa Arata and was invited to a performance by his band. There, she met the prince she had been admiring for many days. After becoming drunk, Tomoka confessed her love to her prince but problems arise with Tomoka having to take her love down through a dangerous path.

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Another Year Together with the Cherry Blossoms by PARK Subong

Genre: Seinen, drama, romance, school life

When the cherry blossom petals blow in the spring wind, he remembers her again and his heart starts to beat faster. One year ago, he couldn’t say those words to the girl he loved.

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Anti-gravity girl by Winter

Genre: Comedy, drama, fantasy, romance, shoujo, slice of life

A girl who was born specially and a normal boy.

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Ashita, Kare no Bed de by Umetarou

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Takashi fell in love with a handsome man who always sleeps in the morning at his friend’s cafe. What will happen to his love?

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Azuma Otoko Kyo Otoko by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Soma was transferred from the Tokyo branch to the Kyoto branch. The day he moved in, the landlord’s son Amane returned home and thus they ended up being roommates. Soma thought roommates should be friendly, but Amane is pretty aloof. But after accidentally seeing Amane cry, Soma keeps thinking about him…

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Barairo no Ashita by IKUEMI Ryou

Genre: Shoujo, school life, slice of life, romance, drama

I Can Hear the Ghostly Drum-Beating – The first guy Rika ever falls for turns out to be her older sister’s fiancé. However, her sister’s dream since she was a child was to be a bride, and ever since her engagement to another guy didn’t work out a few years earlier due to her not being able to conceive, Rika swore to do everything in her power to help her sister fulfill her dream. Does that include helping her marry the guy that she’s in love with?!

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Beauty Honey by Matsumoto Tomo

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, romance

In Nico’s family, women don’t have much luck with men. At 17 years old, Nico has seen so much failure that she no longer trusts men and has no desire to fall in love. But when she’s with her beautician Kaoru, things seem different…

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Bell by Asou Mikoto

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, mystery, psychological

A high school girl who is running away from someone stumbles into a room with a strange man who calls himself a “cleaner.” She learns a lesson from him about friendship and cellphones. This “cleaner” takes any job if given suitable compensation and the high school girl who is running away from the mafia teams up with him to solve a dangerous and exciting case!

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Beloved Days by Go Ara

Genre: Josei, drama, romance, slice of life

Seung Hyun and Gimmi used to go out with each other, but they eventually broke up. A couple years later, they happened to run into each other. Do their romantic feelings still remain?

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Between by PARK Subong 

Genre: Seinen, drama, slice of life, romance

Yeon Soo owns a small, out of the way coffee shop in an alleyway. Business is slow, but when a clothing shop opens up next door, he finds himself wanting for more than just a customer.

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Bibi by CHOI Kyung-ah

Genre: Shoujo, school life, romance, drama

Nabi has a talent for copying any piece of clothing she sees. Due to lack of money, she has given up her dream of becoming a great designer to help her mother with her imitations shop. During the Seoul Fashion Festival, Nabi meets Jehu, an over-excited guy who attends Baekje Art School. She will regain her confidence and try to enter this famous school…

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Bichunmoo by KIM Hyerin

Genre: Shoujo, drama, historical, romance, tragedy

Jinha and Seol Li love each other, but Seol Li’s father forcefully separated them. How will Jinha find Seol Li again? And what will happen to their love?

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Boku Wa Ne by FUJIWARA Kiyo

Genre: Shoujo, Drama, gender bender, comedy, slice of life

Tetsuta and Aya are two siblings who lost their mother very early in their lives. Despite being loving and devoted, their father has since buried himself in work and hardly ever spends time with them. Tetsuta is fully accustomed to looking after his younger sister and cooking for the family, so he vehemently opposes his father’s suggestion of bringing in a helper to tend to matters around the house and care for them. But his attitude changes the moment he meets this beautiful and kind-hearted housekeeper…

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Box Kei! by Tamura Yumi

Genre: Shoujo, drama, romance

Fuji Zeze is going to Hakone with her friend Ritsuko to participate in the final auditions of a Japanese idol competition, but in the middle of the mountains, the bus flips over. Too impatient to wait for the search and rescue team, she and Ritsuko, along with three others Mikami Renji, Tsuburaya Hajime, and Kaji Shinju, try to find their way out on their own. But, they soon learn that things are not all what they seem…

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Boyfriend by SOURYO Fuyumi

Genre: Shoujo, school life, romance, slice of life, sports, drama

Takatou Masaki is the second youngest of four sons, and seemingly a delinquent by nature. His hot temper has put a wedge between himself and his strict father, gotten him kicked out of one school, and tossed him at a school notoriously horrible for the one thing he’s truly good at, basketball. A chance encounter with the willful Yuuki Kanako may serve as a catalyst for change, as the indefinable connection she feels with him draws them together.

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Buchou wa Onee by Nagabe

Genre: Shounen ai, fantasy, romance, comedy

Falnail Vincent is a section chief at a large corporation in Japan. He is cool, collected, and very good at his job. His colleagues respect him, and his subordinates admire him, but he’s desperately trying to keep a secret from his co-workers: When he leaves work, Falnail becomes Fal-chan, a hostess at an onee bar. At typical onee bars, patrons are served by glamorous “older sister” types, but Fal-chan’s bar, Jewelry, happens to be staffed by huge beefcakes in heels, hairbows, and strapless minidresses.

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The Children’s Teacher, Mr. Kwon by Ho Woo

Genre: Seinen, drama, slice of life, school life

A teacher goes to a rural school to teach a class of five unique children.

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Cheon Gi Dot Com by YOO Ha jin

Genre: Shoujo, school life, supernatural, romance

Jun Hui wakes up to find strange bruises on her body. She asks her childhood friend, Min Yu, the son of a fortune teller whose fortunes always seem to come true, what is going on. He tells her that she is linked with another spirit and that whatever happens to him happens to her. It turns out that this spirit is Han Sung, who has the same bruises she has because he was in a fight the day before. She begins following him around in order to protect herself and he begins to think she likes him (although she couldn’t care less about him).

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Cheon Gwan Nyeo by BAK Yunhu & JO Mihyeon

Genre: Shoujo, historical, romance

Cheon Gwan Nyeo is the royal gisaeng (geisha) of King Jin-Pyeong, who lived in the Shilla era. However, the poetic general Kim Yoo Shin falls in love with her.

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Chess Isle by Cid

Genre: Seinen, action, comedy, mystery

Cliff Dillon appears to be just another delinquent looking for a place in Seoul’s seedy underworld. But is that really all? Or is there more to this tough, good-looking high-school student than meets the eye?

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Chikita gugu by TONO

Genre: Shoujo, drama, fantasy, comedy

After his whole family was eaten as a child, Chikita Gugu is the sole survivor of the legendary Gugu clan. Now he’s a teenager and people are coming to him for help, even though he has no training or ability! Luckily he’s not alone. Laa Lam Delal, the yokai who killed his family, is watching over him, waiting for him to ripen…

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Chizuka-san ni Tsutaete by Umetarou

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Sequel to Mou Kimi o Matanai. Takashi is practically living at Chizuka’s house, visiting almost everyday, but he hasn’t made up his mind about moving in yet. One day, the remodeling agency visits Chizukas house and Takashi discovers one of the workers used to go to the same school as him…?

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Chun Hyang Bi Hwa by NA Hyo Eun

Genre: Shoujo, adventure, fantasy, historial, romance

Chun Hyang is a ring with Yun Sun Chun’s godly power sealed inside. It is passed down among the females of a certain family.
A normal highschool newbie, Se Lop Lee, is kidnapped by a trainer on her 17th birthday… she’s the reincarnation of Yun Shun Chun, but as soon as she found out who she was, the enemies of Yun Sun Chun’s long-gone empire start to show up trying to kill her. In the middle of all that, she’s stuck with her past love!

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The Closer by Shi-Jin Yoo

Genre: Shoujo, drama, fantasy, psychological, Shounen ai, supernatural

Yi Myung is a boy who is living with his father. One day, he meets a stranger who tells him that he is not from this world.

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Colors of the Wind by Jae A & Lim Kwang-Mook

Genre: Seinen, drama, romance, mystery, psychological

A beautiful love story between a boy and a girl, that takes place in Hokkaido.

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Come Over To My House And Play by Manmulsang

Genre: Shoujo, fantasy, supernatural

A cute, slice of life story about Berry, who temporarily runs an atelier shop left by their owner. Little does she know, that running a shop isn’t easy. Not only does she have to fix up the store, but it seems that helping the villagers with their problems is a job requirement as well.

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The Day the Magpie Cries by Nubi

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, slice of life, school life

Fed up with Westernization to the detriment of native culture, Lee Dan Ah wears a traditional Korean hanbok to her first day of high school rather than the required uniform. After being scolded by the liberal-minded principal for not following school regulations, she’s given an ultimatum: If she can convince 70% of the student body and faculty to accept her idea within six months, the school will consider adopting a hanbok uniform. But that’s going to be harder than it sounds when she can’t even scrape together five members to start a hanbok club…

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Dear Waltz by YUN Ji Woon

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, romance, slice of life, school life

After her mother’s death, high schooler Mi-Hyang packs up her belongings and enters the household of her mother’s formal manager. Even though she was a daughter of a rich man, with her father and other family members still alive and well, she apparently has good reasons for doing this… So the life of smiling 24/7 Mi-Hyang and the two good-looking sons of her mother’s formal manager — with their own set of unique personalities — begins!!

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Deep water – Shinen by SHIMIZU Reiko

Genre: Shoujo, mystery, psychological

For an unknown reason, 13-year-old Aki Kasuga seems to have killed her parents when she was found by her younger sister and detective Toru Takahira at the crime scene of lake Ezu near the Kumamoto city. As a minor, the girl joins a reintegration program and changed her name; from now on living as Sei Kamihara. Six years later, a new crime takes place in Ezu, and this time it’s a little girl who dies. A week later, several species in the zoo are found dead. What is the common thread of all these mysteries in Kumamoto?

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The Descending Moon at the Foot of the Mountain by Son Jang-Won

Genre: Seinen, drama, slice of life, supernatural

A warm story of healing on a road hidden among the mountains. Here is where the tale of a female spirit of the stratum, the many layers of earth and rock, and one man begins.

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The Devil King Is Bored by KIM Sang-min

Genre: Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, supernatural, romance

Gag webcomic about a very, VERY bored Demon King and his “small” adventures.

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The Devil Who Can’t Fly by Chocodevil & Banan

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, romance, school life, slice of life, supernatural

A lonely girl finds a devil doll on a rainy night and decides to take it back home. What will happen?

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Don’t Cry, Girl by Yamashita Tomoko

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, romance, school life

Thanks to her parents’ incompetence, Taeko is sent to live with an acquaintance of her father. But when she rings the bell of her new home, she’s greeted at the door by her new roommate, a completely and utterly shameless nudist named Masuda. Why exactly is he presenting himself in the buff to an innocent high-school girl…? Of course, their shocking first meeting sends Taeko’s 17-year-strong values tumbling to the ground! “Is he for real?!” “Am I going nuts?!” It’s too late for tears, so Don’t Cry, Girl – a hilarious teen comedy ♪!

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Doukyuusei Seikatsu by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Mizuno and Mitazono were middle school classmates with polar opposite personalities. One day, years later, Mitazono calls Mizuno up to help take care of some stray kittens. Mizuno agrees to stay in his house to look after the kittens for a short while. This is living together with a classmate!

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Doushirou de Gozaru by Nishimori Hiroyuki

Genre: Shounen, action, comedy, school life

What would happen if you took a normal three-year old Japanese kid, flew him to Nevada, and then raised him on stories of feudal Japan? “I’m Doushirou” would happen. Now, twelve years later, Doushirou is back in Japan and is facing the difference between what he’s been told all his life and what his own eyes and ears are telling him.

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ENT. – Ore no Kagi ga Hazusareta K Noukai by PAK Mi-Suk & YLab & KANG Eun-Young

Genre: Shounen, drama, romance, slice of life, school life

In the world, people can be classified into three types: strong carnivores; middle carnivores and herbivores.
Somi Han is referred to as “Invisible girl”. She befriends a fellow herbivore, Yujin Ko. However Somi Han feels that Yujin Ko is more like a tiger pretending to be a rabbit. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry is in an uproar with the appearance of a fanfiction writer called Foxstar. With incredibly detailed and accurate information about the personal lives of many of Korea’s hottest stars, celebrities are more than nervous.
What happens when Somi and Yujin discover each other’s secret identities?

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Falling in Love Immediately by PARK Subong

Genre: Seinen, drama, romance, slice of life

The love story of a 20 year old.

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Feeding lamb by Nishin Masumi

Genre: Yaoi, horror, psychological, rape, gore

Brandon saved Andy’s life when they were children, but this heroic act caused him to get epilepsy. After Brandon’s family received all the compensation fees they could get out of the tragic accident, his mother and sister moved away, leaving Brandon with his father, who eloped with a co-worker soon afterward. 10 years later, Brandon has found himself stuck with his only friend, Andy, who has been taking care of him, letting him indulge in his drinking problem and satisfying his sexual needs.

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Four Daughters of Armian by SHIN Il-Sook

Genre: Shoujo, adventure, tragedy, fantasy, historical, romance, drama

Once in Armian, Re-Manu XXXVII is awaiting her death. As it goes for years in history, the dying queen foretold the fate of her four daughters. Divination that would lead them toward their fate, and significance to determine the successor to rule Armian. The beautiful Swarda is fated to marry a throne man of Persia. The smart and calm Aspasya will encounter a great leader of history. But fate has its own plan to fool with their destiny. The first and the fourth daughter have their fates entangled, to both inherit the title of Re-Manu. There can’t be a country with two leaders, so one has to given way to another. And of course it won’t be the cold-hearted and ambitious Manua to give up the crown, who decides to exile her youngest sister.

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The Fourth Battle Deployment (Haikyuu!! Doujinshi) by Kizu Natsuki

Genre: Yaoi, action, drama

Pairing: Haikyuu!! Doujinshi. Iwaizumi x Oikawa. Sequel to “The Third Battle Deployment” published in volume 1 of Kizuato BtoE

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Fredward-Shi no Ahiru by USHIJIMA Keiko

Genre: Shoujo, romance, fantasy, drama, comedy, psychological

Following the scandal involving his latest work, famous suspense novelist Kevin Fredward retires to the countryside to escape the media and the demands of city life. He posts a wanted ad for a new housekeeper, but who should come knocking at his door, but Rosemary–a talking duck! As wise as she is competent, Rosemary soon becomes a permanent part of Kevin’s life. Under Rosemary’s guidance, Kevin takes the steps to stop running from his past in order to change himself and his future.

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Fushigi pot by Fuji Tamaki

Genre: Fantasy, romance, Yaoi

A mysterious lamp which he discovered by chance. From which, the genie of the lamp appeared like magic! A sweet thousand nights tale with an innocent high school student and the genie of the lamp!

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GB Park by ONO Natsume

Genre: Seinen, comedy, drama, slice of life

Welcome to heartwarming stories about gateball. Dentist Takuzo, his childhood friend, liquor store owner Yasushi, and housewife Matsuko. These are the people who love gateball. This is a cheerful story about people at the park.

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Gekkou by Nasu Yukie

Genre: Shoujo, adventure, drama, fantasy, romance

Everything begins with an odd looking amulet lost by a stranger and picked up by ordinary high school girl Fujimi. Wrong. Actually, it begins with a new, haunting song, and goes on with a monster chase into the night. What is the secret behind all this?

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A Girl In The Clouds by Jeong Gi-lim & Oh Eun-ji

Genre: Shoujo, drama, romance, slice of life

A village like fairytale. A meeting of a sixteen years old boy and a girl.

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The Girl who Walks the Waves by Han Nau & Go Ara

Genre: Josei, drama, romance, slice of life

Youth wait for the big wave. They share stories of life, healing and love, the many gifts of surfing.

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Glass Shoes by Im Hae-Yeon

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, historical, romance

The clever Bild, who has figured out that it’s Al’s spirit currently inside Saylie’s body, begins a plot to get rid of Saylie, who will become an obvious obstacle in the future…
Meanwhile, Debroyl asks for Saylie’s hand in marriage, claiming that he loves her just the way she is, however…?!

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Go, Hiromi Go! by ASOU Mikoto

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, school life, romance

In high school, Hiromi Hashiba studied so much, and cared so little for her appearance, she earned the nickname, “Nerd Hashiba.” Now, having entered T University, Japan’s most prestigious university, she’s decided to get rid of her old image and debut a new life in college. However, her radical look and behavior stand out, too…

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Green by NINOMIYA Tomoko

Genre: Josei, comedy, romance, slice of life

A city girl goes to the countryside and falls in love with a young farmer.

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Gyon-Woo & Jik-Nyu by Yuria

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, fantasy, romance, supernatural

This story, which has been passed down for a long time, is a story from heaven. A long, long time ago, there were six rulers in Heaven. Each ruler had their own role to perform for the harmony of the world.
The Ruler of Darkness had the power to draw anything and erase anything. The Ruler of Light knitted light to shine on the Earth. The Ruler of Flames danced to create eternal flames. The Ruler of Water brewed alchohol and showered water on the Earth. The Ruler of the Earth plowed the fields to enrich everything. The Ruler of the Wind played the flute to the generate winds.
Each of the rulers had supreme power, yet they could not do everything themselves. Therefore each of the rulers had many spirits as servants. Amongst these servants, those with superior talents became the beloved sons & daughters of the rulers. This story is about the son of the Ruler of the Wind, GYON-WOO. And the daughter of the Ruler of Light, JIK-NYU.

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Hajime-chan ga Ichiban! by Watanabe Taeko

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, romance, slice of life

Okano Hajime is an ordinary – or maybe below ordinary – girl who was forced to take care everything in the family since she was young, because her family was very poor. Hajime had five younger brothers, who were quintuplets, and they were scouted by a music company. Thus, the realistic yet dreamy older sister had to try harder to watch over her restless brothers and to pursue her own idol, who was in the very same company.

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Hanaizawa-chou Kouminkan Dayori by Yamashita Tomoko

Genre: Seinen, psychological, Sci-fi, slice of life

Decades ago, the tiny town of Hanaizawa was cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible wall, a wall that nothing living can pass through. The younger residents have grown up only knowing the outside world through what they see and hear in the media. These are the stories of their everyday lives, the good and the bad, as they live out their days in a tiny town that no one can enter and no one can leave — a town which, by its isolated nature, is destined to fade away.

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Hanasakeru Seishounen by ITSUKI Natsumi

Genre: Shoujo, romance, drama

Set in the modern era, the story follows the path to romance of fourteen-year-old Kajika Burnsworth, daughter of powerful industrialist Harry Burnsworth, owner of the Burnsworth international conglomerate giant. Kajika agrees to participate in a “marriage game” with her father, in which she must select her future husband out of three men that her father has supposedly preselected for her.

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Hanasakeru Seishounen Tokubetsu Hen by ITSUKI Natsumi

Genre: Shoujo, romance, drama

Sequel to Hanasakeru Seishounen. ( These are stories about the past of the characters of Hanasakeru Seishounen. There are also stories about the future of the characters after the ending of Hanasakeru Seishounen.

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Hareguu by Kindaichi Renjuurou

Genre: Shounen, comedy

Sequel to Jungle wa Itsumo Haré Nochi Guu (

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Haru wa Kimi ni Sasayaku by Kinoshita Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Chijiwa was a promising university athlete, but after an injury leaves him unable to play, he lives a listless and idle college life. Then he meets Izumi, a pub owner who also happens to be gay. Izumi is curt and speaks bluntly, but he has a kind heart. As Chijiwa and Izumi get to know each other, Izumi’s past heartache begins to resurface…

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Haruka 17 by Yamazaki Sayaka

Genre: Seinen, drama, slice of life

Haruka is about to graduate from a first-rate college and is looking for work but no one wants to hire her. Faced with the prospect of becoming a “shuushoku rounin” she finally lowers her expectations and decides to apply at a tiny talent agency for a job as an agent. When she shows up for the interview however, it’s like no interview she’s ever had before. She’s asked all sorts of embarrasing questions and asked to say lines in front of a camera.
Later she finds out that they thought she was interviewing to become a talent, and the agent position she wanted has already been given away. However, they think she has that special quality that can make someone a star. She refuses at first, but finally gives in. Thus starts Haruka’s career in the entertainment industry.

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Heart of a Dragon by Il Jwi

Genre: Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy

It’s been 70 years since the war between the dragons and humans ended. One day, a wounded dragon appeared in front of the human girl Koon… This is a tale of travel with dragons!

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Heaven? by Sasaki Noriko

Genre: Seinen, comedy, drama, slice of life

Iga is a waiter at a French restaurant. One day, he meets a mysterious woman who invites him to work at her restaurant. How will this new job change his life?

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Heavenly match by ALIC

Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy, drama, psychological, romance, shoujo, supenatural

A young girl accidentally awakens a guardian spirit sealed within a sword. Together they will face many challenges in order to complete a mysterious mission given by the gods. They meet other summoners and spirits, face demons, and details about their past lives are revealed.

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Henjin Tantei Emu by SAKATA Yasuko

Genre: Josei, mystery, slice of life, drama

Rudy Art, who manages an old furniture store, summons a demon through a Satanic branch which he accidentally obtained. Rudy is troubled by this and goes to the detective office of his friend, Em Kelsner, but Em has always been very eccentric! From this day on, he keeps getting involved in many incidents with Em…

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Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashite Iru by NISHIMORI Hiroyuki

Genre: Shounen, supernatural, comedy, action

Hakuba Keijiro doesn’t have any interest in girls, until he meets a beautiful girl that is also very unusual. The girl in question is dressed in an old-fashioned style, and seems to have nearly complete amnesia. The only thing she remembers is that her name is “Hiiragi.” Keijiro gets his parents to take guardianship of her while they look for her real family, and Hiiragi moves in. But who is she, really? Is she a princess, come through some kind of time-slip? Is she something supernatural? Hiiragi herself would like to know…

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Hime no Koiwazurai by HATSU Akiko

Genre: Josei, Romance

The servants and Lady Florentina’s family noticed that Lady Florentina seems to have love sickness. What is truly going on with her?

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Himitsu x Himitsu by MONDEN Akiko

Genre: Josei, romance, comedy, mature

Himitsu x Himitsu is a collection of short stories involving many different couples and their sex life. Their everyday situations are told with humor and fun.

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Himitsu – The Top Secret by SHIMIZU Reiko

Genre: Shoujo, drama, mystery, psychological

It’s the 2060’s, and Japan has perfected “The MRI System,” a piece of neurotechnology that, when given the brain of a person who died within the past 48 hours, can analyse the visual memories contained within; even being able to give scientists a look into what the deceased saw in their final moments. Needless to say, this is a highly regarded – and greatly feared – method that has been placed under stringent restrictions and is only authorised for use by a special police unit, Section Nine, for the investigation of baffling or high-profile crimes.

Aoki Ikkou is a talented newbie who has just been assigned to Section Nine. He initially has qualms about delving into people’s most private moments and analysing their darkest fears and fantasies, but as he settles in with his teammates and warms up to his boss, the highly intelligent Maki Tsuyoshi, he becomes more and more competent at his job.

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Hinemosu no Tari Kimi to Boku by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Naoyuki is a kindhearted person who likes to take care of others. Unfortunately, his hopeless romantic nature often ends in rejections, and his bad taste in men leads him to untrustworthy lovers with bad taste. Meanwhile, Naoyuki’s childhood friend and next door neighbor Yowu continues to harbor a one-sided crush for him, and watches sadly from the sidelines…

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Homework of the heart by Go Ara

Genre: Shoujo, drama, romance, slice of life, supernatural

My first ever love disappeared 13 years ago… and came back as a vampire.

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Honto wa Neko datta grimu douwa by KITAMI Akiko

Genre: Shoujo, adventure, fantasy, comedy, supernatural, drama

A compilation of short stories based on the famous Grim fairy tales, Where the main characters are replaced by cats.

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Ibitsu na Boku wo Douka Aishite by KIDA Sattsu

Genre: Yaoi, rape

Everyone has secrets. Secrets that they would do anything to protect. However, there will always come a time when everything will be discovered. Can Toujo survive when his own secrets will be discovered?

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Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto by Yamada Yugi

Genre: Yaoi, romance, comedy

Hayasaka Yoshihito was so impressed by lawyer Mikami Haruhiko that he decides to work with him at his small law firm. But it’s not quite what Hayasaka’s expecting. With the sexually harassing lawyer Katayama Masaki who doesn’t seem to do anything, scary secretary Shingyouji Miho, and Mikami himself who isn’t quite the way Hayasaka remembers, things are about to get interesting for an idealistic young lawyer!

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Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto side story – Mori and Mikami by Yamada Yugi

Genre: Yaoi, romance, comedy

Side story of Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto. ( Mori, an elite lawyer at a major firm, falls in love at first sight with Mikami, the head of law firm Mikami & Katayama. They even had a physical relationship for a while, but eventually ended it. One day, Mori receives a call from the company he works for that a former employee has filed a power harassment lawsuit! The attorney representing the plaintiff’s side is Mikami! Mori’s determined to win his first direct confrontation and become a man worthy of Mikami. Meanwhile, Mikami has mixed feelings about Mori. This is the story of Mikami, an impregnable, beautiful lawyer who keeps thinking about his lost lover, and Mori, a cocky, elite lawyer who keeps pursuing him.

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Itoshi no Doctor Coat by Umetarou

Genre: Sequel to Chizuka-san ni Tsutaete. Satoshi finally got his act together after a devastating break up four years ago. He’s now interning at a clinic and things couldnt be any better until he runs into Kaji in a restaurant. Why?

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Itsumo Ouji-sama ga by Tsukimura Kei & Kinoshita Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Per a request from his assistant to clean his living space, ero manga artist Asahina, nicknamed Hina, hires a cleaning service. However, the person who shows up is actually Asahina’s beloved Sahara-senpai from his junior high days! Sahara was cool and able to do anything, but he was also a bit mean. Hina, who loved that Sahara, made a brave decision: on the day that he was supposed to transfer schools, he confessed to him! But instead of waiting for a reply from Sahara, he ran away… After that, ten years later, their reunion becomes a nightmare?! The prince with a gentle face is actually incredibly cruel!

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Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, shounen ai

‘Jane’ portrays the adventures of the crew of Janeth V, Earth’s fastest spaceship. As it belongs to an interplanetary alliance, this spaceship is the workplace of humans as well as aliens. Their aim is respect for the order of space and discovery of new worlds. This is quite an unusual manga due to the fact that the authors collaborated with an astronomer to develop the technical side of the story and depict facts about space travel accurately.

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The Jinx’s Lover by Ji-Hye Han & GuSeul

Genre: Shoujo, romance, drama, supernatural

The beautiful goddess of fortune hidden by a rich man came to the life of the poor and unlucky me.

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Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu by Kindaichi Renjuurou

Genre: Comedy, shounen

The story is about Hare, a 10 year old boy who lives with his mother Weda in a small village in a very strange jungle. Hare’s mom is a bit of a “party girl” and likes to sleep in all day and party with her girl friends all night. Things change one evening when Weda comes home with a little “playmate” for Hare, a pretty little girl named Guu. But when Hare wakes up the next morning, Guu has “transformed” into a sullen, nasty and sarcastic joker who takes great pleasure in making Hare’s life utterly miserable. Guu can also swallow anything, and regurgitate it whole. Guu also seems to have various magic powers, which lead Hare to consider her a demon of some sort, but he can’t convince most other people of that.

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Kanashi no Homura by MOTOMURA Eri

Genre: Josei, drama, historical, romance

Akechi Mitsuhide, who resided under the roof of Saitou Dousan, hid himself in Nobunaga Oda’s palace under the guise of a marriage with Dousan’s daughter, Nohime.
Before long, that fated meeting was bound to create a great change…
Honnou Temple burns with the fires of love and hatred. A dazzling story of love and romance in a country ridden by civil war!

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Kanchigai Lover by Kinoshita Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Shiratori is secretly in love with his popular subordinate Saeki, whose gentlemanly personality and kindness have earned him the nickname “Misunderstandings Machine.” In order to keep his love a secret, he tries to act coldly to Saeki, even though it hurts him. But as he tries to suppress his feelings, Shiratori’s imagination begins to run more wild! Are these really just misunderstandings?

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Kare no Shouzou by Nishida Higashi

Genre: Yaoi, comedy, drama, romance

Not-so-prodigal son Natsuki, whose mother is a famous artist, came home to get some cash – or something that he can sell – only to get caught and mistaken for a robber by a stranger in his own home. Turns out that the stranger is a student and assistant artist named Asou, whom Natsuki’s mother has allowed to lodge in their house. Asou seemed like a polite, delicate flower and Natsuki enjoyed picking on him. One night, Natsuki takes a trip to an infamous gay bar and sees Asou there. Asou was showing a different face there. At first, Natsuki thought it was a mistake. He goes back again and meets Asou face-to-face and finds out about his true and horrible personality….

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Kibishii no de Aru by Yamada Yugi

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Chikara and Kijima have been sharing a 10 year friendship. But Chikara’s feelings have changed… will Kijima come to share the same feelings?

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Kigengire no Hatsukoi by KONOHARA Narise & ITOI Nozo

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Uno has a love he can’t forget. He always felt unrequited love for Murakami, who everybody liked even after graduating from university. He tries to end his love after going to his friend’s wedding and possibly meeting Murakami there again, but he finds out that Murakami is in debt and went missing! Murakami lost everything and became homeless. Uno takes him to his house to end his love and begins living with him.

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Kin no Kuni Mizu no Kuni by IWAMOTO Nao

Genre: Josei, romance, comedy, historical, slice of life

Long long ago, there were two neighboring nations who were on bad terms.”The grass from your nation keeps getting into mine every single day”. “The sound of futons getting hit in your nation is annoying”. They argued over dull subjects like these. At long last, they got into a war because of the dog shit incident, And in the confusion, the gods intervened and mediated a truce between the heads of the two nations. This is what they said to say: Land A will send the most beautiful girl in the land to Land B, And Land B will send the smartest boy in the land to land A, and they will both be wed.

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Kiss yori Yasashiku by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, Romance

Sequel to Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no? ( Chihiro Ayase and Sota Fujisawa are lovers. They like each other, kiss each other, and touch each other often. When they decide they want to experience something better, they find that the reality is that sex isn’t as easy as it seems. Chihiro and Sota are scared to go further, and they’ve even been interrupted during their attempts! But even though some obstacles stand in the way of their goal, they still share the same love.

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Kodomo no Taion by Yoshinaga Fumi

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, slice of life

A single father who never had any trouble with his son discovers that his son might have impregnated his girlfriend…

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Koi to Keiji by Nishida Higashi

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Assistant Inspector Tsuchida is back on duty after recently being shot, and he can’t stop thinking about Haruki, a young man he pats down one night on the street. Tsuchida goes looking for Haruki and realizes maybe he isn’t so young after all. What other surprises does Haruki have up his sleeve?

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Koi wa Sodatte Ai ni Naru by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

When Yuzuru Sakurai returned to his hometown to sell fertilizer for his company, he runs into his former classmate Sou Nakamichi who’s now working as a farmer. Depressed by his inability as a salesman, Sakurai cheers up and begins to think fondly of his work when Nakamichi comforts him. Even though they weren’t friends in school, the two grow closer, and Sakurai begins to think that they could become great friends. Then suddenly, Nakamichi confesses that he always thought Sakurai was cute?!

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Konokoi wa Unmeijanai  by YAMADA Yugi

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Tsukamoto is newly independent designer who wants his work to be printed with traditional movable printing at the Nakajima printing house. There, he meets the delinquent turned printing master, Seto. Seto’s skills and knowledge are undeniable, but his insensitivity and firm opinions cause him to butt heads with Tsukamoto. As they continue to work together, Seto’s passion for printing shines through, and Tsukamoto’s feelings begin to change. Then one day, they receive a huge job, and the client is none other than…Tsukamoto’s ex-lover, Soejima?!

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Kotonoha by Asou Mikoto

Genre: Shoujo, romance, drama, slice of life, school life

Konoha falls in love with the captain of calligraphy club. Can her romance with him come true?

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Kouji Hanauta by ASOU Mikoto

Genre: Josei, slice of life, drama

The sequel to Roji Koibana. Tsubaki Nishiyama, who manages an order-made shoe workshop, worked hard to be trusted by everybody. But she realized that she was now thirty years old, and her love had been rejected. Yes, this is the forked road of her life… Master Tsubaki, in the alleyway of Kyoto, will work hard on both her job, and her love!

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Kusuriyubi ga Shitteru by Umetarou

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Sequel to Nemurenai Koibito. Takashi has a new coworker named Tsutsumi. He seems to be overly interested in Takashi…

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Kyougoku ke no Kekkon by Kinoshita Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, Romance

Enter into a fake marriage with me! Seishiro Kyogoku, who works as a secretary for his father, the minister of Justice, is panicking. He has to live secretly with his half-brother, Reo, who suddenly appeared! Not only that, when he met his former classmate, Takeru Kyogoku, by chance, he discovered Seishiro’s secret! Seishiro declares that he will protect Reo and Takeru with his life, while Takeru says he will help Seishiro as long as he can have sex with him… Can love be born from lies?

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Kyouka Ayakashi Hichou Kanzenban by IMA Ichiko & TACHIBANA Mirei

Genre: Seinen, mystery, supernatural

This story is based on the life of the famous historical author, Izumi Kyoka, who wrote about the fantastic in the Meiji period. In this manga, Kyoka writes for the Fantasy Club magazine, and he encounters many supernatural, often onmyoudou-related, incidents. Together with his managing editor Kozuki Masumi, other friends and colleagues, and his own mysterious abilities, Kyoka tries to find a way to resolve each mysterious situation

Mangadex reader link:

Kyou mo Tsuki ga Kirei by Kinoshita keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Eita, who just started to live with his lover Niki whom he dated since high school. He expected a sweet and happy life, but the reality was not sweet at all. Eita sees that Niki is meeting a girl on a blind date at the karaoke…

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Kyuuso Neko o Kurau & Otona Ninaru by Seikatsu Seshishou

Genre: Yaoi, rape

A normal high school boy finds a pervert masturbating on the subway and decides to follow him to his house and threaten him into giving him money…

Mangago reader link:

Labihem Police by Kyeong-Ok Kang

Genre: Adventure, drama, romance, slice of life, Sci-fi

Haia and Line are police officers in Labihem City, year 2025. This chronicles their daily life, their romance, and their crime solving.

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Lady Chinoiserie by HATSU Akiko

Genre: Josei, Supernatural, Drama

Because his cousin is under suspicion of murder, William is trying to find a beautiful woman who was his cousin’s recent lover to prove his cousin’s alibi. But she disappeared from the house where she should have been. The boy then fell in love with a mysterious blonde woman who wears Chinese dresses. He is trying to find her even though time keeps passing by…

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Like Doodling by Nasty Cat

Genre: Comedy, fantasy, romance, school life, supernatural

Park Nada is an average student that dreams of drawing her own pure Love Manwha and plans to draw manwha quietly while keeping to herself until graduation. Her plan falls to crumbles when she unknowingly enrolls into Bansa High; a infamous school filled with delinquents and terrifying teachers. But not all is lost as two of the most popular and beautiful boys of Bansa High become interested in her. Join Park Nada as she tries to survive high school and her own real life Love Manwha.

Mangadex reader link:

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Lineage by SHIN Il-Sook

Genre: Shoujo, romance, drama, fantasy, historical, action, adventure

A threat has been made against young Prince Deporojue of Aden. Sent away for his own protection, he soon discovers the culprit is none other than the dangerously ambitious King himself. A stepfather and enemy to the Prince, this usurper looks to secure a permanent position on the throne by killing his stepson. But with the help of his late father’s friends, the Prince fights for his rightful throne…and vengeance!

The original manhwa which inspired the NCsoft game Lineage!

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Love, Hate, Love by Yamashita Tomoko

Genre: Josei, drama, romance, slice of life

28-year-old Kiwako meets a man who smoking on the balcony one day. Her next door neighbour, Nuihara, a lazy, 52-year-old college professor.
As Kiwako is considering abandoning her career as a ballet dancer, he gives her some sincere advice. Until now, Kiwako had given up on love, but his words have stirred up a passion within her.

Mangadex reader link:

Love! Love! Love! by Nakahara Aya

Genre: Shoujo, romance, slice of life, school life

“I have to keep moving forward!”
Nonomiya Akane, 17 years old, second year in high school and the eldest daughter of the owner of Yaohachi Greengrocer, lives her life according to that motto. So when her crush of seven years, Nakai Sachio (Sacchin), announces that he was going out with childhood friend, Nishii Kayomi (Kayo-chan), Akane decides to just forget and move forward. Whether she fights with Yamato, her childhood friend, or suffers a heartbreak, she doesn’t falter and keeps working hard to achieve her dreams. So what kind of miracles will Akane be given?

Mangadex reader link:

Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken by Miura Shion & Yamada Yugi

Genre: Josei, comedy, drama, slice of life

In the fictional Tokyo suburb of Mahoro, Keisuke Tada works as a “benriya” – a general problem solver for hire. One day in January, former classmate Haruhiko Gyoten appears unannounced. Back in their school days, Gyoten was a quiet person who rarely talked. Now, Gyoten can’t stop talking. Both men are over 30 years old and divorced. Without giving an explanation, Gyoten suddenly asks to spend the night at Tada’s home. Tada turns him down, but Gyoten is persistent. Tada relents and allows him to sleep over for one night. What Tada is unaware of is that Gyoten plans to stay for more than one night. Eventually, Tada accepts Gyoten as his assistant and they become involved in various cases involving an assortment of people from different walks of life.

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Mahoutsukai no Musume by Nasu Yukie

Genre: Shoujo, mystery, supernatural

The story revolves around Suzunoki Hatsune, a normal high school girl… or so she strongly wishes, because she has no desire to succeed her stepfather as the strongest onmyouji in modern Japan. Still, she has the ability to see spirits, and as luck would have it, her emerging abilities are pointing her to a terrifying truth behind the deaths of her parents… and her stepfather may be involved!?

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Megamisama to Watashi by HATSU Akiko

Genre: Josei, historical, supernatural, drama

Lady Edith has a grandfather who is a mummy maniac and sponsored the ruin excavation at university and a brother who studies Ancient Egypt at the university. But she hates archaeology because it’s behind the times and absurd. The one day, she took in a kitten who was nearly dying and saved her from death. Edith’s life changed in a major way after that…!? She can see lotus flowers sometimes and ancient Egypt temples. Who is the goddess who calls her ‘My priestess’ in her dreams?

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Mijika na Koi Dato Omou Kedo by Kinoshita Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Handsome salaryman Tooru and university student Yuma live on the same floor. Yuma doesn’t like Tooru, but after getting saved by him, Yuma’s mind begins to change. As the two get closer, Tooru starts to tease and flirt with Yuma. Why can’t Yuma get Tooru out of his mind?

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Mirror Ball Flashing Magic by Yamashita Tomoko

Genre: Josei, drama, psychological, slice of life

These stories are about love, desire and friendship of women. Told by women.

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The Moon at Daybreak by Lele & Byeol Sol

Genre: Shounen, adventure, comedy, fantasy, romance, school life

Pu Reum Han led a normal high school life, that is until, he dreams of a lady, looking for his help to find her missing baby. But what if that baby is inside him?

Mangadex reader link:

Nabi by KIM Yeon-Joo

Genre: Shoujo, historical, romace, comedy, drama, action

The series begins as a guest visits a temple where Myo-Un and Ryu-Sang are living along with many other orphan children. This guest turns out to be an assassin who came to kill a certain someone who is the last child of a powerful family in Su country. The assassin’s employer, who remains anonymous, wants to clean up every root of possible problems. The assassin calls for reinforcements and attacks the lady of the temple, revealing that the lady of the temple is also another last descendent of another powerful family that was drawn out of Su country. Myo-Un, Ryu-Sang, and others are forced to flee the temple. Thus, Myo-Un & Ryu-Sang’s journey begins, and the assassin is still after them.

Mangadex reader link:

Nanairo Inko by Tezuka Osamu

Genre: Shounen, Mystery, action, romance

Rainbow Parakeet is a genius actor and a fantastic mimic, but also a thief. He can act out any role to the best of his abilities, while robbing the richest members of the audience during his performances. His methods are a mystery, even to the detectives charged with apprehending him: Police Inspector Senri and his daughter, Police Detective Mariko Senri.

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Natsuko no Sake by OZE Akira

Genre: Seinen, drama, slice of life

After living in Tokyo for two years, Natsuko returns to her hometown to visit her sick brother, who seeks to make the best sake from some legendary rice… If only he could find some…

Mangadex reader link:

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous by KAWACHI Haruka

Genre: Josei, drama, supernatural, slice of life, romance

Hazuki falls in love at first sight with a flower shop owner named Rokka and decides to get closer to her by applying as a part-time employee.
A going-away party soon brings him to her doorstep, and Hazuki is elated. But what happens when he discovers that residing in her apartment is the spirit of the man she can never forget?

Mangadex reader link:

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Natural by NARITA Minako

Genre: Shoujo, school life, slice of life, sports

Riko (whose real name is Ayako) was already in high school when she gained a new younger brother. Miguel is a nine-year-old peruvian boy rescued by her father in the midst of turmoil before he came home to his loving family in Japan. Miguel had a good grasp of Japanese but he didn’t seem to be warming up at first. He was overly polite and he barely smiled. But Riko was determined to make sure that he felt that he was now a part of her family, introducing him to the world outside and to the game of basketball… now Miguel is in high school, fresh out of the international school.. and he has proven he can be good at many things: in academics, in sports… but even though he seems to be really good at basketball (showed the students their first live look at a dunk), and though he seems to really like it, he seems unwilling… what is he afraid of? what is he pushing away?

Mangadex reader link:

Neither A Long nor Short Walk by Go Ara

Genre: Josei, drama, mystery, slice of life

In a quiet village, Young Seol, an aristocrat, wakes from deep slumber, only to find a young man named Soon Jo Yi trying to kidnap her.

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Nekowa Himitsuno Bashoni iru by HATSU Akiko

Genre: Historical, Josei, Mystery, Supernatural

Young, handsome, witty and the heir to a count household— Cornelius Everdeanne has all the essential features of a ‘great man’, yet he remains single somehow. Sit back as the graceful life in the high society of England, including the English way of courting, as well as mysterious incidents, unfold in this story.

Mangadex reader link:

Nemurenai Koibito by Umetarou

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Sequel to Ashita, Kare no Bed de. Takashi is dating Chizuka and he meets Chizuka’s old friend who is from England. Takashi is troubled by he and his partner’s difference in social status.

Mangadex reader link:

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Nikoniko Nikki by Ozawa Mari

Genre: Josei, drama, romance, slice of life

Kei is a young, not-so-successful screenwriter. One day, she finds an unexpected vistor at the door of her apartment. A little girl named Niko, a secret child of a famous actress Mifuyu Shibano. Niko is sent to Kei because she is the only person who knows this secret, since she used to work for Mifuyu when she was not so famous. As she begins to live with Niko, she finds the girl is very self-contained. She tries an ‘exchange diary’ to communicate with her.

Mangadex reader link:

Nobody Knows by LEE Hyeon-Sook

Genre: Shoujo, drama, mystery, supernatural

The “self bully” Ban has a normal enough life, and where divorced parents aren’t that uncommon, her life becomes shadowed in mystery when her mother, Eun-Joo, suddenly brings their “distant relative” Jin-Whan home to live with them. Ban’s mother would always avoid the topic of her family, so who is this strange boy? Are they really relatives? What torturous secrets does her mother’s past hold? And what do the sudden strange happens that follow in Jin-Whan’s wake mean? Would a better question not be who is he, but what?

Mangadex reader link:

Norman by TEZUKA Osamu

Genre: Shounen, Sci fi, adventure, fantasy, drama

500 Million years ago the Moon was populated but under threat. Their leader, Prince Norman, decided to reach through space and time to recruit people with immense psychic power to defend his home, but will they be in time?

Mangadex reader link:

Number 7 by Tezuka Osamu

Genre: Shounen, action, adventure, Sci fi, drama

Shichiro Oshima wakes up from the artificial hibernation 100 years in the future, sleeping though the wrath of nuclear war. He wakes up to find Japan to be a primeval jungle, with little to no remnants of Earth’s past. After being rescued, Shichiro learns that the Earth is being under attack from alien invaders from all reaches of the universe. Shichiro becomes a member of the Earth Defense Force with the codename Number 7 to fight for the liberation of Earth.

Mangadex reader link:

Ocha Nigosu by Nishimori Hiroyuki

Genre: Shounen, action, comedy, romance, school life

The story follows the high school delinquent Masaya Funebashi, better known as “Devil Ma-kun” who is trying to reform his image by joining the tea ceremony club.

Mangadex reader link:

Oli Oli Soup by WATANUKI Yoshiko

Genre: Josei, slice of lice, drama, cooking

Harada Orie (26), a bookbinder, loves soup. Follow her daily life experimenting, cooking, and eating all kinds of soup!

Mangadex reader link:

Orange chocolate by YAMADA Nanpei

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, slice of life, gender bender, supernatural, romance

A romantic comedy with a distinctly Japanese flavor. Next-door neighbors Chiro and Ritsu have been best friends since childhood. Ritsu, the son of a family of traditional nichibu dancers, is thrust into the public eye as his career takes off, and his growing fame begins to test the pair’s friendship. And now the twist: when a wish made at a shrine actually comes true, Chiro and Ritsu find themselves inhabiting each others’ bodies. A further complication arises because Ritsu is not just a dancer, he is a famous onnagata, or female impersonator, popularly known as the “Courtesan Prince.”

Mangadex reader link:

Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki Futatabi by Hikawa Kyouko

Genre: Shoujo, fantasy, historical, romance

This is sequel of Otogi Moyou Ayanishiki (

Suzu and Shinkurou have come home! Suzune and Shinkurou fought together with the mononoke Ojaru-sama and the tengu Genpachirou to protect Ima Province from the youma Kifune! Just as peace has been restored, the newly married couple is summoned by the military governor of Ima Province Ootegawa-sama, and it’s decided that they’ll travel to the capital. However, along the way they find that some kind of creature is hindering their path?!

Mangadex reader link:

Oujisama wa Yuuutsu by Aoiro Iriko

Genre: Yaoi, comedy, romance, slice of life

A series of stories focusing on the love lives of the workers at a host club known as “The Prince Cafe,” each chapter focusing on a different host.

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Oz by ITSUKI Natsumi

Genre: Shoujo, Sci fi, drama, romance, action, mystery

On the 15th of October 1990, World War III breaks out. It only lasts for 40 minutes, but industrial establishments were nearly wiped out by the 1000 megatons of nuclear weapons used in the war. The Earth was then cloaked by in a nuclear winter which lasted for 6 months, and all the grain plants died. Each government fell into anarchy and transport and communication networks could not be restored easily. Soon, declarations of state establishment from the citizens in various areas came one after another, and America was split into 6 parts, adding other unapproved small states, it was divided into more than 20 countries. The story is set in 2021, 31 years after World War III. Filicia Epstein, a bionics genius, came to Sabano and Sergent Mutou was ordered to protect her. Searching for her only brother, Lyon, Filicia encountered with 1019, a cybernoid, who directed them to the phantom city, OZ, which is a shelter created by Lyon. As the story unfolds, they gradually realised what ‘OZ’ actually was…

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Ozone by ASOU Mikoto

Genre: Shoujo, drama, slice of life

Ou Shigeo’s band, Ozone, would probably be a big hit if it weren’t for the fact that he’s their lead singer – and he isn’t very good. But he’s also the guitarist and songwriter. When the other members of the band finally convince him to find a singer, he hears a song from a Bakery truck on the street…

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Pental + Sandal by Kyeong-Ok Kang

Genre: Shoujo, adventure, comedy, drama, romance, Sci-fi

So Young meets an alien prince. He needs a human woman and has a proposal for her. What will happen to So Young if she accepts his proposal?

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Peony Elegy: Frost flower by Intorno

Genre: Josei, historical, psychological, drama

Can I survive in this palace ruled by greed and fear, surrounded by dangerous concubines?

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Pine in the Flower Garden by 209

Genre: Comedy, drama, school life, slice of life

The story of the growing up of a high school student that hates spring and has a phobia for flowers.

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Pinks by KURAKANE Atsushi

Genre: Seinen, slice of life

A coming-of-age manga about two kids who are curious about sex.

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Plastic Romantic by Hinode Heim

Genre: Yaoi, romance, slice of life, school life, comedy, drama

This is early 1980 where there is no internet or cell phone. Jo Umeyoshi, who plays around, meets Chihiro Sakagami and falls in love with him. Umeyoshi is excited and thinks that Chihiro is his destiny. On the other hand, Chihiro, who has a famous father, couldn’t figure out why he had to exist. And Chihiro starts to have feelings for Jo who is a very unique and right kind of a guy?

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Pride by Ichijo Yukari

Genre: Jose, Romance, Drama

Shio Asami, the wealthy daughter of a famous, deceased opera singer, aims to follow the same path as her mother. Moe Midorikawa, a young woman working several part-time jobs, dreams of becoming an opera singer as well. What will happen when these two meet?!

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Prince Game by Kyeong-Ok Kang

Genre: Shoujo, drama, romance

Shin Woo and Joon Hee are neighbours. Shin Woo is very handsome and popular and Joon Hee resigns herself to the fate of only being a friend to him…

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Rakuen Route by Tsukimiya An

Genre: Shoujo, fantasy, romance

One day, an angel fell from heaven. Along the way, she lost her wings. Now, she is banished from heaven until she can find them, and thus our story begins…

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The Real Antismoking Campaign Manhwa by Park Tae-Joon

Genre: Shounen, action, romance, school life

Brilliant usage of modern media for antismoking campaign. Park Hyung-Suk from Lookism makes an appearance.

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Really !? by LEE Hyeon-Sook

Genre: Shoujo, drama, romance, school life

MiRyu has a gorgeous mother who’s quite childish for a woman. But asides from being just gorgeous, MiRyu’s mother is also getting remarried to a rich man. Worst case scenario for MiRyu herself is that this isn’t the first time that this has happened: her mother married multiple times in the past to pay off a debt. Now because of her mother’s new husband, not only is the debt that MiRyu’s mother had is paid off, but MiRyu also now gains a stepfather who has a daughter and a pair of extremely handsome twin sons. And MiRyu thinks that she just may be falling in love with either one or both of the twins. One just happens to be sweeter than the other, and the not-so-sweet one is always so stubborn. Her stepsister also happens to be her class’s Vice President. Just when MiRyu thinks that her life can’t get any worse, it always seems as though she’s proven wrong. Really?!

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Reizouko no Naka wa Karappo by Yamada Yugi

Genre: Yaoi, comedy, drama, romance, slice of life

Shimizu, a spoilt rich high school boy, leaves his home to become a comic artist and ends up rooming with his friend, Umeya. Umeya is so poor that he’s got nothing in his fridge except mayonnaise to eat with the rice!

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The Riddle of the Mirrored Land by Kyeong-Ok Kang

Genre: Shoujo, adventure, drama, fantasy

Jin Ah enters the mirrored land and is unable to leave. An adventure awaits her as she attempts to escape from this new world.

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Roji Koibana by Asou Mikoto

Genre: Seinen, drama, romance, slice of life

A connected anthology about artists living in a rowhouse in Kyoto.

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Rokudenashi to Ore by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Kitakata met Misato, who was his classmate, on the street coincidentally. He becomes friendly with him and ends up living with him. Misato is a novelist who is in a slump currently, and Kitakata promises him that he will have sex with him if Misato publishes a new novel. As a result, Misato tries to do his best…?!

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Rouman no Okuni de Aimashou by Kinoshita Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

After Itoi returns from his time abroad in England, he becomes an English teacher in a seaside town. One day, he meets Tezuka, the navy officer older brother of one of his students. Although Tezuka’s younger than Itoi, his arrogant nature and pushy personality irritate Itoi to no end. Tezuka is always teasing him and calling him cute; he’s totally playing with Itoi’s heart! But when Tezuka suddenly kisses him, what is Itoi supposed to do?!

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The route of golden spiral by YOO Shi-Jin

Genre: Yaoi, romance, mystery

Chapter 3 of Volume 4 of Sunaebo. Yemo gets a phone call from Young Woo, his ex lover to find someone who is missing.

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Sabbath Cafe by YACHI Emiko

Genre: Shoujo, drama, psychological, school life

There’s a new student at St. George International School, and soon he becomes one of the most talked-about students. Even though it’s an international school in Tokyo, Japan, the new student (Yonogi Dai) is a Japanese boy. Dai was raised in the US and recently came to Japan for the first time. Dai turns out to be a distant person, uncaring about other people and those who want to be his friends. He looks quite cute and gentle but he’s actually unsocial and can be harsh. Derry Morton who’s very popular and well liked among the student just wants to ignore this cold Dai, but being the kind hearted (and nosy) boy that he is, he begins to approach Dai.

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Sandwich Girl  by HAN Yu-Rang

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, romance, school life

Lee Jaekyung, a violent girl, just wants to live a peaceful and normal high school life. She goes to the same high school that her crush, Yu Minwoo attends, and even learned to sew and cook just for him. She finally sees him again when he gives his student body president speech, but she also finds out that the annoying playboy Sejoon Kang, is also at her school. How does Jaekyung know Sejoon? What will happen next?

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Secret by HAN Yu-Rang

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, mystery, romance

A father who committed suicide on Yuh’s 16th birthday.
The boy she met during her sorrow; Mu Hyul.
Ba-dump Ba-dump; a guy so breathtaking.
A proposal at a sky resort.
“I can do anything for you as long as it makes you smile. I’ll give you everything you want.”
All those to interrupt our love are so dead!

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Seigi no Mikata by Hijiri Chiaki

Genre: Josei, comedy, romance, slice of life

Youko spends her days as the primary target of her demonic sister. But how is it that her sister’s evil deeds manage to bring happiness to those around her!? Is her sister really an angel, an ally of Justice?

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Sekai de Ichiban Yasashii Ongaku by OZAWA Mari

Genre: Josei, drama, comedy, romance, slife of life

A cute and touching story of a single mother, Sumireko, and her daughter, Nozomi. The manga starts off with Nozomi being sixteen years old in the first chapter, then hops back to before she was born. Finally with the third chapter starts the “real” story, when Non-Non (Nozomi) is three years old.

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Sekai wa Bokura no Tameni! by Enjouji Maki

Genre: Josei, comedy, romance, smut

Starting this spring, citizens will be able to become a teacher at the expensive high school! This is what Maho is getting excited about, but her boyfriend for six years dumped her. Afterwards, she slept with a young boy to get over her sadness. However, who would have expected that she would be reunited with him in the classroom. That’s right, he was her student!! A secret relationship with a younger handsome boy is packed full of scary, yet, exciting, nerve-racking, yet, heart-thumping action?! What will happen when the man who dumped her comes back?

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Serendipity by Woo Eun-Ji & Hong Sung-Gyung

Genre: Shoujo, comedy, drama, historical, romance

About a rich man unable to open his heart to others and a woman who is poor but lives life filled with love and hope.

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Shi to Kanojo to Boku by KAWAGUCHI Madoka

Genre: Shoujo, drama, horror, mystery, romance, supernatural

Yukari is a girl who can see the deceased. Yusaku is a boy who can hear any phenomena that has a voice. Through their encounters with the inhuman, they learn fear, sadness, and compassion; and grow as humans.

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Shi to Kanojo to Boku Yukari by KAWAGUCHI Madoka

Genre: Shoujo, drama, horror, mystery, romance, supernatural

Sequel to Shi to Kanojo to Boku. ( I can see ghosts. I can feel their fear and loneliness. I want to help her who is trying to save ghosts because she has power to see them. I, Yuusaku Matsumi can hear the voices of ghosts. Ghosts who get hurt even after death, who keep embracing their loves who they can’t forget. They are like me, who loves her.

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Shiiku Bako by Sugahouse (Sugayama)

Genre: Yaoi, rape

Gaku Yashiro x Satoru Fujinuma. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi doujinshi.

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Shima shima by Yamazaki Sayaka

Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of life

Shio Houkigi runs an aromatherapy salon by day, but has another occupation by night. She runs “Striped Sheep,” a service that provides relief to women who have a hard time falling asleep without a man by their side.

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Shouwaru Neko mo Koi o Suru by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Even a popular announcer can’t win against a happy dad with his child. Nicknamed “Prince”, he is the announcer of a morning program. Michiba was hiding his ambition with a smile, which was that ‘I will be the most popular person from now on and laugh at people who ignored me in middle school’. Then he suddenly meets his first love, Sakaguchi! Sakaguchi is now divorced with a kid, but he didn’t become weak when he saw Michiba. He instead complimented Michiba innocently by saying, “You worked hard” for a successful Michiba. Michiba is angry at Sakaguchi because he can’t be arrogant around him, and his one sided love, which had been sealed before, is now on fire…?!

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Snip, Snail & Dog Tail by Yamashita Tomoko

Genre: Yaoi, romance, drama, slice of life

Mine the translator and Anjo the bus driver are friends. Mine is awkward and hard working, while Anjo is friendly and has a girlfriend. They’re very different from each other, but they quickly become friends despite a strange sense of distance between them.

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Sono Yo ni Tada Hitori by FUJI Tamaki

Genre: Shoujo ai, romance

Hachi is the daughter of a beekeeper. Mitsuko is drawn to Hachi who is rough and foul mouthed but mature. She wants to follow Hachi wherever she goes; But the beekeeping business is on the move, and they are going to be separated from each other..?

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Sore wa Boku no Ai ja Nai by Fukai Youki

Genre: Yaoi, romance

Kazunobu Kaizuka, an editor at a publisher, was suddenly asked by his twin younger brother to help turn down a guy from an one-night stand. But when Kazunobu went to meet the guy, it turned out to be Yukihara, the author that Kazunobu is in charge of and his long time love!

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Subete Ai no Shiwaza by MONDEN Akiko

Genre: Josei, romance, smut

All eroticism is allowed in the name of love! This is a collection of short stories revolving around erotica. I know the cause of “Sexual frustration.” The solution to the boss’s insomnia problem is to relieve stress! What will happen to me under his repeated erotic attacks? I am an occupational counselor for a company. My current problem is that I am forced to participate in the erotic activities of the CEO of the company. The president has a strong sexual appetite, and his eroticism is endless. Bondage, threesomes, molestation, adult toys and aphrodisiacs. I know I shouldn’t like such a pervert. But why do I keep getting turned on by him?

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Tamako Teishoku – Chuumon no Iranai Otana by NOZAKI Fumiko

Genre: Josei, slice of life, drama, cooking

Tamako Miura, 30, runs a set meal shop left by her father alone. It is a shop that does not need an order, and according to the reputation of the neighborhood, going to this set meal shop seems to improve their physical condition for some reason, and it is quite crowded. In fact, the reason why the condition of the body improves is that Tamako has a secret…!? Please enjoy a combination of a little sake and colorful dishes that match the person’s condition. There are about 21 kinds of dishes in this volume, such as “Steamed clams and rape blossoms”, “Bonito no tsudomodon”, “Ginger pudding”, etc.!

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Tanpopo no Watage by OZAWA Mari

Genre: Josei, Slice of life, Drama

3 sole men are what make up the Yamagiwa family. 4-year-old Haruki is embraced by his easy going dad and his good big brother. Under their wings, Haruki is growing up little by little.

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Thesis by Kim Eun-hyo & Kim Yeong-ji

Genre: Shounen, action, fantasy, supernatural

Prophesied death. Boy who challenges fate. The fight against the world’s fate itself begins now.

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Tokyo train by KINOSHITA Keiko

Genre: Yaoi, romance

The station… where both you and I can meet. A poor-looking middle-aged man Kisugi and number 2 at the host club, Ooyoshi met at Shinjuku, the street that doesn’t sleep. I wanted to see you. I wanted to see you. I wanted to see you.

An angel who saved Ooyoshi while he was despairing in his life. He thought that he could finally show him that he is doing his best in his life, but Kisugi was just feeling depressed. For depressed Kisugi, for the first love of his life, he is doing his best and attacking life.

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Toriaezu Chikyuu ga Horobiru Mae ni by NEMU Youko

Genre: Josei, romance, comedy, sports

One day, a man calling himself a prophet appears in front of the Dadakusa girls’ basketball team and proclaims, “the earth will perish if you don’t win the prefectural tournament.” Find out the fate of the earth, basketball, and love by reading Toriaezu Chikyuu ga Horobiru Mae Ni.

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Touch Me Again by Yamashita Tomoko

Genre: Yaoi, drama, romance, slice of life

Seven years ago, Touda and Oshikiri crossed the friendship line once. Right after that incident however, they chose to pretend nothing had happened just so they could go on being best friends. But life is never so simple and seven years later, they begin to see the strains in their relationship show.

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Uchi no Kami-sama ni wa Gakkari da! by Yamada Yugi

Genre: Yaoi, romance, comedy, drama, supernatural

Higurashi Yuuto gets picked up on the street but it turns out that the good-looking man is Oohataya Masakazu, a schoolmate from his junior school and a shinto priest at the Azuma Shrine. How is Yuuto going to react since he’s Masakazu’s first and second love?

The side story involves Yuuto’s superior, Uekusa, and Yokoi, Uekusa’s former subordinate.

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Unmei no Onnanoko by Yamashita Tomoko

Genre: Josei, drama, mystery, psychological, romance, slice of life, school life

The short stories of Tomoko Yamashita.
First girl: There was a girl in the middle of the gruesome incidents. ‘I thought that I was invincible.’
Second girl: A recollection of ‘a girl’ who didn’t love an excellent boy, ‘me’.
Third girl: The future where you are cursed when you are born. The only girl who wasn’t cursed is nervous about her undecided future. ‘She is pitiful for not being cursed!’

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Veggie Hot Bun’s School Spring Holiday by PARK Subong

Genre: Seinen, drama, slice of life, school life

What shoud I cook today? Veggie who is always only worried about what to eat, his heart started to beat like crazy when spring school holiday began.

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Virtual Grimm Fairy Tale by Kyeong-Ok Kang

Genre: Drama, fantasy, historical, romance, supernatural

This is how people experience a virtual Grimm fairy tale. Each fairy tale hides a cruel story of ambition, pain and obsession.

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Welcome by Go Ara

Genre: Supernatural, drama, slice of life

Sol is a normal university student. Suddenly her boring student life is about to change when she takes in a cat named Hong Jo. What kind of secret does her cat Hong Jo have and what will happen to Sol’s life because of it?

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What do you need by KANG Kyeong Ok

Genre: Shoujo, mystery, supernatural, drama, slice of life

A jobless woman who feels no sense of aim, a student who fears attending school due to bullying, and a worker who just can’t seem to confess her love to her coworker are all people who are tired of daily life and want to run away from responsibilities. This is a story about what these people need the most.

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What the Skylark Says… by Lee Won-Jin

Genre: Shoujo, adventure, psychological, slice of life, school life

“I think about the same things every day. I hope for the same things every day. Perhaps I was born in the wrong dimension; I feel that this is my true world… Maybe the world I was first born in was fake. Because- take a look, this world is beautiful. Only in this world do I feel happy.”

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Yokohama Kinema Scenery by WADA Naoko

Genre: Drama, romance, slice of life, Josei

Contains 2 stories:
– Yokohama Cinema Scenery
– 24-coloured Message

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You 6K2 Minamimuki by Furutsuji Kikka

Genre: Yaoi, romance, slice of life

A string of stories about various people who live in the same town, and how their complicated romantic/sexual relationships connect them to each other.

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Yukan club by ICHIJO Yukari

Genre: Adventure, comedy, mystery, school life, supernatural, Josei

Shochikubai Miroku is the son of a police commissioner (father) and also a traveller (mother). Miroku has lots of connections and is a very good fighter. His interest is his motorcycle. Kikumasamune Seishiro is the rich son of a large hospital’s head doctor. He also fights as well as Miroku. He is a good fighter with smarts. Bido Granmarie is the son of a Swedish ambassador. He’s also a playboy, dating many girls at once. Granmarie can’t see himself going steady because he thinks the world can’t handle it.
Kenbishi Yuri is the rich daughter of a world-renowned president of the Kenbishi Business. She loves to indulge on eating. She’s also a good fighter, but can never beat Seishiro. Hakushika Noriko is the daughter of a famous japanese painter (father) and her mother is from a tradition tea ceremony family. Her only hate is men and can get very violent when they touch her. Kizakura Karen lives with her mother, a rich jewel dealer. Her dream is to marry into a rich family using her attractive body and style.
Together, they formed the Yukan Club, solving mysteries to pass time.

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