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  1. Thank you so much for three new chapters. I really love this story so much. ?? I feel like a lot happened in those three chapters. It seems like the person behind everything is someone related to Eun Wal, however, it’s hard to narrow down who since everyone in heaven knows he was sentenced to become a muha. Eun Wal had a flashback where he thought of a certain person when trying to figure out who was behind everything. I wonder if the girl that came to mind is the author using foreshadowing. If so, that girl might be the girl with purple hair. Maybe her hair changed from black to purple for some reason or they could be two different people. I might be overthinking things, but the girl with the purple hair has seemed very familiar with Eun Wal since the beginning of this story and she has always been watching Hae Won since she was little. ? Anyway, on a side note, what kind of training will Eun Wal give Hae Won? I feel like he is thinking of her differently after reading her real mother’s diary. ?

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