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  1. I have so many feelings right now holy shit. But most of all I feel sorry for Ryun so much.
    First thing I saw after waking up was three new chapters, thank you so much!

  2. Thank you so much for three new chapters. I literally live to read these! Honestly, I knew Hae In was up to something, but the stunt she pulled was next level evil. I get why she doesn’t like Hae Won. I really do. In her shoes I would have a bit of resentment towards my little sister too. However, to actually hurt someone like that is too much. You can’t keep blaming others for your circumstances or misfortune. It’s not Hae Won’s fault she was born to such a destiny. Hae In is definitely a villain, but I feel sad for her. To be driven to hate someone so much that you could hurt or kill them is both pathetic and terrible. I really don’t like her, but I can’t hate her. ?

  3. Thank you very much for releasing so many episodes! I wanted to read them for so long and thanks to you I could *cries* You are the best! <3 Ryun sacrifising for Hae Won…. Urgh, he needs to be saved for Hae Won in the future! He is even more cursed right now…. :,(

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