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  1. Thank you for another two chapters!!! ? The more I find out Ryun’s back story the more I feel sad for him and want him to have a happy ending. He is supposed to be this really evil guy, but he definitely isn’t. There were times he could have done so many bad things and didn’t. He is just a guy from heaven that was misunderstood at birth which caused him to be lonely for so long. He is just trying to survive in this world given his circumstances and he really loves Hae Won. Watching him struggle, but be strong at the same time is so sad. ? I just wish Hae Won could remember him again.

  2. thank you very much for keeping translating this webtoon! Your updates always make my day. The story is getting more and more interesting^^ I’m a Ryun supporter too! I hope Hae Won and he end up together <3

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