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  1. Thank you so much for translating this! Super excited to see more regular updates! Out of curiosity, are there any potential updates for Karubania Monogatari? Love the royalty/fantasy setting there too!

    1. Hi, thank you for telling us that. Words like that make all our hard work worth it.

      We are excited to see volume 20 of Karubania monogatari and look forward to working on it. But our translator is currently busy, so it could take 1 year or 1.5 years for us to translate it and release the chapters.

      1. Thank you again for all your hard work! I love how frequently you release and the wide variety of shoujo manga you offer. 🙂

        Oh my gosh it’s so exciting to hear there is a 20th volume!! No worries, please take your time! I imagine Karubania is more difficult to translate since there’s a lot of jokes/wordplay in the manga. Thanks again for all your hard work, will be reading the next chapter of Oukoko no Ko right now. :3

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