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  1. I had been wondering how Hae In became so nice to Hae Won and it was because they both lost their memories. If Hae In never knew anything about anything relating to heaven she would have been such a nice person. Given a new chance in life without her memories she was really upstanding. She just got corrupted by greed and envy at a very young age. Even now that she remembers, I think she came to really like Hae Won during the time she could not remember the truth. She is even willing to apologize to Hae Won for everything. I don’t think they can go back to the way they were before though. That shadow knows how unstable Hae In is and probably will pressure her more.

  2. Another release?? Yay!! Thank you very much! This episode hit me right in the feels. Hae Won’s face at the end… I’m so sad for her. On one side, I want Hae Won to get back her past memories but on the other side, I know how sad and painful it will be *sigh*

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